Substance Use/Abuse Counseling

Out patient Use/Abuse Counseling

Substance Use/Abuse Assessment

Substance Use/Abuse Mandated Assessment provided by our experienced licensed therapist, Bryan Strycula, LMFT, 77996

Substance Use/Abuse Education (Prevention and/or Intervention)

Curriculum includes stages of use, drugs of abuse, how drugs affect the brain, stages of recovery and more...  Individual and Family Sessions.  Provided for volunteer and mandated clients.   

Co-Dependency Counseling

Individual/Couples/Family Counseling  that focuses on understanding individual beliefs about  self and behavior which cause problems  in ones life and relationships.  Provided for volunteer and mandated clients.   

Co-Dependency Education

Curriculum covers codependency roots, characteristics, beliefs, and recovery.  Provided for volunteer and mandated clients.  

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All fees are based on sliding scale and ability to pay.  We do not accept insurance.